Winter in the Pacific Northwest is nearly synonymous with rain. It's part of the charm of living here and it leads to a beautiful spring bloom. Our design community understands the necessity of using high quality, wet-listed luminaires in any application that's exposed to the elements. Luckily, we have a number lighting manufacturers we trust to provide highly engineered, durable offerings that can withstand these harsh outdoor environments. Here are some of the latest and greatest UL Wet-Listed architectural lighting technologies from the Solus Linecard.


The reach of Bartco Lighting’s elegant designs has been extended beyond the building walls with the new Fathom Series. The Fathom Series takes a unique approach to achieving a UL Wet Rating by waterproofing all interior components of the fixture, eliminating the need for unsightly sealing hardware. Imperceptible weeps and neoprene gaskets allow moisture to wick away, while also mitigating insect intrusion. This series offers modern and minimal luminaires that naturally complement exterior environments in both single fixtures and continuous, unbroken streams of light.


The Fail-Safe line from Eaton offers a number of wet listed fixtures suitable for use in all types of extreme environments. Fail-Safe luminaires are commonly used to meet the specific needs of healthcare, cleanroom, confinement and vandal-resistant applications but are perfect for any environment where the need for aesthetics and durability are critical. The Fail-Safe Harmony series' 2" HVSL2 and 4" HVSL4 profiles are available with a UL Wet Listing making them a great option for use in all sorts of public areas like transit centers, picnic areas, stairwells and restrooms. They are great for use as a stand-alone ceiling luminaire or wall sconce (with optional decorative bands) or combined to create continuous runs down corridors. Corner-mount brackets, angle brackets and 90 degree corner connectors allow for additional mounting variations. The Fail-Safe Encounter (pictured on the right) is a sealed recessed IP66 wet location fixture with Wavestream LED optics, available in 1x2, 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 sizes. Applications include public spaces, canopies, locker rooms, hospitals, schools, laboratories and food preparation areas.


Ligman Lighting now offers the Lador Floodlight range of square outdoor IP66 floodlight projectors that meet both aesthetic and functional applications. These decorative floodlights are available in 4 sizes, starting at 2.4" square, 3 watt version up to a 5.5" square, 40 watt version. This glare free luminaire is available in Narrow 10° beam, Medium 19°, Wide 33°, Very Wide 71° and Elliptical 41°x14° beam patterns. The small, decorative flood can be used anywhere from indoors to the harshest outdoor environment. Ligman offers a natatorium rated coating for pool applications as well. It features an integral driver and accessories include dichroic color filters, linear spread lens, honeycomb louvers and anti-glare visors. The Lador family also offers matching wall sconces, ceiling mounted squares and pole mounted clusters.


Selux M60 LED Wet Location is a durable luminaire for lighting designers and architects who are looking for a fixture that can withstand the unfavorable elements in the environment, while maintaining its high performance and continuous lines of light. The M60's aluminum extrusion is 2 3/8" wide and features an LED optimized impact resistant snap-in acrylic lens with exceptional uniformity and tool-less access to the optical chamber. Available in recessed, stem, wall or surface mountings and a variety of optics for many applications including wall washing, wall grazing and batwing distributions. Selux is a known innovator in the lighting industry and the quality, durability and highly engineered details stand out in their products.

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