Each year, the IIDA Oregon Chapter hosts the Design Excellence Awards, recognizing the exceptional interior design work happening right here in Oregon. Below, you'll see 5 of these award winning projects and some key luminaires that brought these projects to life.
Interior Design Magazine's "Best of Year" Awards recognize the industry's most significant work in distinguishing designers, architects and manufacturers around the globe. We're proud to represent quite a few award nominees.
Solus brings you 5 simplifying solutions that will bring more value to your projects. Less hassle. Less cost. Less visual clutter. Less fixtures needed. Less constraints.
Working in an industry where you're involved in the selection of lighting puts you in a unique position to be able to effect change on a larger scale. Knowing your best options for both renovations and new construction will help you do your part.
Barcelona-based Bover produces distinct designs born of the innovation and creativity of respected designers.
Solus is celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Here are 5 reasons to love Solus!
There are many cylinder lights out there, but not all are created equal. We've selected 5 lines with features that stand out from the rest.
Summer has us gravitating towards outdoor spaces, from river walks and botanic gardens to patios and rooftop terraces.  These '5 Unique Outdoor Lighting Collections' will inspire you to create the perfect ambiance in your next outdoor lighting project
One of the biggest trends we've seen in the lighting market over the past year is sound-reducing light sources, combining an acoustical solution with highly efficient LED technology for the perfect all-in-one solution for open floor plan designs.
Summer is the perfect time to get working on your home renovation projects. Solus brings you 5 reasonably priced lighting lines with quality outdoor products and fast lead times so you can quickly complete your home renovation projects and then sit back and enjoy your summer.