It's Awards Season!

The past week has been busy but awesome for Solus. We attended the IIDA Design Excellence Awards, celebrated the contributions of the Architecture Foundation of Oregon's 2019 Honored Citizen, Joachim Grube, and had a blast displaying some of our favorite decorative lights at Sourced Tradeshow. Visit @soluspdx on Instagram to check out our booth and to see who won a Flos May Day and Marset Follow Me! We're feeling super pumped on how awesome the Oregon design community is and are looking forward to collaborating on more great projects.

We're also feeling blessed to represent so many great lines. Interior Design Magazine's "Best of Year" Awards recognize the industry's most significant work in distinguishing designers, architects and manufacturers around the globe. We're proud to represent quite a few award nominees. Click on the images to read more and to vote for your favorite in each category! Voting ends today.


Focal Point: Seem® 1 Acoustic & AirCore Blade Luminaire & Baffle System

Focal Point - Seem 4 D/I

Cooper Lighting Solutions: Shaper Sense Acoustic LED Luminaires

Jesco - Infina DL-AC-FLEX

Vibia: Tempo

Marset: Bohemia

Cerno: Penna Collection

Sonneman: Ballet

Estiluz: Aro

Bover: Skybell

Sonneman: Cosmic Cube

Vibia: Palma

Vibia: Puck

Sonneman: Abstract

Bover: Tanit

Marset: Bolita

Estiluz: Asana

El Torrent: Cuca

Thanks for reading the Friday Five!

We hope you'll continue to follow along on a bi-weekly basis as we explore what moves and excites us in the lighting world. Our goal at Solus is to equip our community with the best tools and most up to date information. If you would like to provide feedback, shoot us a message.

Vibia: Tube


Flos: Noctambule





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